About Me

Filmmaker and Researcher. 
It starts with a Saturday Night. Picture yourself dealing with a long week of school filled with tedious homework assignments, two projects, and a math test. You feel caught in the same monotonous high school slump. But one of these projects is a short film. An opportunity to make a movie alongside friends. One is the actor. Another is the cameraman, and you decide to be the director. Immediately when someone hits the record button, all the stress begins fading away. Through the bloopers, the shaky camera movement, the awkward zooms in, you and your friends laugh it off and enjoy yourselves throughout the filmmaking process. Every time I work on a video, whether a comedic skit or full-fledged short film, I experience a greater connection with the people I’m working with. Video constantly brings people together, regardless of experience, there is always something people can enjoy from media. I hope to attend this program to hone the necessary production skills to come back to my hometown and increase the sense of togetherness with the people I meet. Through the leadership skills that I will attain from film industry professionals, such as teamwork and dedication, I hope to take the lead and excel in my college pursuits and beyond, film or any academic major.
Research has also began to play a role in my life. I have learned how to understand and world the around me. I have learned so much from my AP Seminar teacher as well as various scholars that who have wrote various journal articles about real world issues. Research has not only allowed me to understand the world better, but also has given me a space to find creativity in some of the darkest and most depressing problems on this planet. 
I know that I definitely gravitate towards Media, Psychology and Business so I definitely want to major in one of those three fields in college. I have enjoyed social sciences and film from a young age. Hopefully after college I would love to either pursue research through documentary work or through an MBA.